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Sizing and Care Instructions




70 x 90 


90 x 120


150 x 180

Duvet covers




100 x 120




140 x 210



180 x 210 



50 x70

Linen ruffled blankets

100 x 120

Teeny Tiny burp cloths

30 x 30


Turkish Towels 

190 x 95

(Vintage wash - 95 x 180) 


Care Instructions

Woollen blankets

Our blankets are made from pure, natural wool and as such require love and care when washing.
Please only hand wash your blankets using gentle detergent.
Hang to dry and don't ever dry in a tumble drier.
Cared for properly with love your blanket will give you and your family many years of pleasure.


Our linen is 100% linen and as such very hard wearing. However, like all fabrics the gentler you treat it the better. Wash at 40 degrees and if possible line dry in the shade. However, we are realists (and parents) and we understand that life with children means that sometimes only the dryer will do! If you do need to put your linen in the dryer please do so on a low heat setting. This is because excessive heat can weaken any fibre over time.


Turkish Towels

All of our Turkish Towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton. They are easy care and simply require a warm machine wash and can then be thrown in the tumble dryer on a low heat or hung to dry.