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Natural fibres for kids bedding

100% pure lambswool

Wool is the perfect insulator, allowing the skin to breathe whilst trapping warm air in it's soft fibres. Wool is the ultimate renewable, sustainable fibre, sheep grow it every year and they have to be shorn, just as we need a haircut - shaggy sheep are not happy sheep!

Wool is flame retardant, which is an important property when being used for children's bedding and it is also hypoallergenic.

Delicate skin deserves the softest of blankets. Our blankets are woven in a family owned woollen mill in Wales, UK. There has been a woollen mill on the site for over 400 years. The designs are based on traditional Welsh blanket designs dating back centuries. Pure lambswool chosen for it's softness, including merino is woven using traditional methods to produce double cloth which is reversible. This means two looks on your child's bed for the price of one - fantastic!

True design is timeless and these blankets are the embodiment of that ethos. They will be as stylish in 30 years time when your grandchildren are using them as they will be on your child's bed right now.

100% Pure stonewashed European linen

The production of linen fibres has been a tradition in Europe for centuries and and one for which the Europeans are quite rightly renowned.

In recent years linen production has been taken up by other countries around the world, but nothing compares to the softness and feel of European linen. Once your children have slept in our incredible sheets and duvet covers you'll find it hard to go back to anything less.

Linen is a sustainable material woven from the flax plant. This process is very labour intensive accounting for the higher cost of the material. Linen is much stronger and more absorbent than cotton and perfectly suited to the Australian climate, feeling cool to the touch and allowing the skin to breathe. Children's bedlinen should be all about comfort and linen is the perfect fabric to use for children's bedding.

Like wool, linen is hypoallergenic and the perfect material for your children to sleep in. Unlike other fabrics which lose their integrity over time, linen gets softer and softer, wash after wash.

Not only is our linen fabric produced in Europe, but unlike many of our competitors our products are all entirely made and finished in Europe by a family run business giving you the confidence that the finished product is made to the highest standards by people who care as much as we do. From flax fibre, through to the finished item, the whole process is conducted within the same company, making our linen sheets and duvet covers entirely European made.

The finished item is stonewashed which means that it is beautifully soft from the moment you receive it. Stone washing linen gives it the most beautiful, soft texture, the like of which you cannot get from any other fabric.

As parents, we know that time is precious and ironing sheets takes you away from spending that time with your children doing all the fun things you want to do. Linen looks better in it's natural, un-ironed state. Embrace the wrinkles on your child's bed and go play instead!

Many of our linen products are designed in Australia, the rest are hand picked European designs.

Our pure European stonewashed linen is the perfect choice for you children's bedlinen, why settle for second best?

Our pure linen bedding is made from 160gsm linen.