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Frequently asked questions.

Why is pure linen the best choice for my child's bed?

Linen is an entirely natural fibre and as such is highly breathable. It will allow your child's skin to breathe and help prevent sweating. The flax fibre is hollow through the centre which means linen has the ability to keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter - pretty special!

Linen is also hypoallergenic, great for children who are prone to allergies. 

Our linen is easy to care for and can be dried on low heat in the tumble drier, a must for dealing with those little accidents! You don't even need to iron it, in fact, it's better when you don't - you're welcome!

Linen will get softer and softer and outlast other bedlinen.

Most of all, linen is just beautiful.

Why is linen more expensive than other bedding?

Linen has long been recognised as a luxury fabric and has been highly prized for centuries. Flax is a crop which needs to be nurtured in order to flourish. Producing the long fibres for weaving is a very labour intensive process and requires a high level of skill. 

How is Teeny Tiny Linen different to other linen?

Our linen is entirely produced in Europe so you can be confident that it is produced to the highest standards by people who truly care about quality as much as you do.
Some others may bring you "European" linen which is produced in Asia where production costs are lower. Always check where your linen is coming from.
We always aim to bring you the finest quality linen, produced entirely in Europe at the most competitive price possible.

How long does it take to ship my linen?

All of our in stock items will be shipped next working day for orders placed before 12pm. We ship all orders via Australia post. See Delivery page for further details.

What weight is your linen fabric?

All of our pure linen is currently produced using 160gsm linen. This is a medium weight linen which is perfect for bedding.


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