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Natural Bedding - The Perfect Baby Gift

Why natural bedding makes the perfect baby gift

If you’re reading this you have probably faced this dilemma at some point in the past or even right now…Your dear friend has had a baby and you need to buy a gift, yet you have no clue what to buy? Going to a baby shower or Christening?

Have you found yourself browsing the shops for ages looking at things you think are cute, but probably useless? Will your friend like it?  You could do this forever and still be none the wiser and go home after hours of traipsing around empty handed.

The solution is to combine beauty with practicality. Every new mum is overrun with new clothes… Some will never even get worn before it’s too small and that’s even if she liked your taste in the first place! (Cue sneaky trip to op shop to offload unwanted clothes).

So what does every new mum really need?

Endless romper suits? (Actually, you can never have too many of these!)  But if you want your gift to be the one thing she will treasure for years to come, you cannot go past beautiful bedding.

Beautiful, pure, natural linen.

A newborn needs a soft comfortable cot, not too hot and not too cold. Synthetic fibres do not allow the skin's temperature to regulate and can feel harsh on such delicate skin.

Natural fibres are different. They are also hypoallergenic so you can rest assured it’s safe for even the tiniest little new munchkin. Pure linen is the perfect choice for kid's beds. 

Making a newborn comfortable will inevitably help them sleep… Now that’s a gift any new mum will love you for, isn’t it?

You are also buying them a lasting memory, as pure linen and wool are such high quality, (our motto is buy once buy well)  it will last them for years. You are not just buying them a gift to get them through the first few months but one they can use again on future children or even save for grandchildren.

Babies spend a lot of time in their cots, some of that time (one can only hope) they may even be sleeping! How perfect that they will spend so much time actually using something that you put so much thought and effort into buying for them. 

Now isn’t that a lovely thought?

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing a gift…

  1. Is it practical and will they use it?
  2. Will it last them as long as it will be needed?
  3. Is it timeless enough to be used again and again?
  4. Is it a quality gift that reflects the value of your friendship?


We would love to know what are your "go to" baby gifts? Let us know in the comments below.

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